Friday, April 9, 2010

A view from our window..

Sometimes, it's really hard to concentrate on our school work when the ocean is so blue and alluring. When the thought of searching for sea glass and seeing what the tide washed in seems like a lot more fun. When the images of sandcastles with stick flags and deep watery moats around them need to be made. Sometimes, it's hard to concentrate when there's kookaburras sitting out on the electric line laughing at us. When they laugh and laugh and we feel the need, with the rest of the neighborhood, to laugh back at them. To watch them swoop and catch small rodents and then tell their secret jokes to each other. Sometimes, it's hard to concentrate when wallaby trails need exploring. When you wonder if you'll find a talking kangaroo who will give you a ride in her pouch and feed you small berries that will help you understand just what she's saying. Sometimes, it's hard to think of anything at all except where the rabbit burrow under the rosemary might lead us. Could we pop down our hole and come out next door amongst the sheep and wheat?  Could we take a path under the road and arrive at the beach or are those rabbits just some distant cousins with a beach view? Sometimes, it's hard to concentrate when we'd rather be at the beach...


Phyllis said...

I couldn't concentrate either!!!
What a view! What a beautifully written description. Sigh.

Tracey said...