Thursday, April 29, 2010

Plum Creek History

Because we knew the other houses Laura has lived in were still standing the question came up about the little dugout at Plum Creek. Was it still standing? Could we go see it? We decided to google it and see what we could discover. Imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon this article accompanied by the picture to the left. Could you imagine someone strolling up one day and announcing you owned the property the Ingalls family once owned? Okay, so maybe that doesn't strike many of you as amazing, but I recall reading the entire series of Little House books as a kid and spending countless days dressed up as Laura and pretending I was living in the same era she lived in. Being a girl, I wasn't ashamed to be Laura, unlike my boys who fight over who's Pa and who has to get stuck playing Baby Carrie...

We also searched for some pictures of Laura and her sisters and stumbled upon the information that they'd actually had a brother named Charles jr, but the family called him Freddy. Apparently, I wasn't as up to date on my Ingalls history as I thought I was!

Last, but not least, we stumbled upon this website, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Frontier Girl. It's loaded with more information then you could ever imagine about the entire Ingalls clan. There's even video footage of all the homes including Plum Creek.

The boys were really impressed to see so many pictures of Laura and her sisters. They were equally enthralled to see her with her husband, but quite dissapointed to see she and he were a Grandma & Grandpa. They'd desperately hoped to see pictures of her as a little girl (read, from the time period we're reading) and were equally disappointed that the pictures were all in black and white. (But, at least they could still understand the story Uncle D!)

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