Friday, April 2, 2010

Obsessive Planning

This nifty little box holds all our school papers, planning pages, crafts, recipes, and more. In short it's like it's own little hub and city and the best part? It sits quietly on a chair in the corner of our dinning room. It usually sits just like it is in the picture, with the lid up. That way when I need to add printables, notes, or other tidbits I can simply pop it into the appropriate file folder. This idea is not mine, nor is it new. It's new to us, in the fact that we put it in effect this year at the beginning of 2010 after stumbling upon the idea here.  Dawn's idea is amazing, and I fell in love with it immediately. I'm a tad obsessive with planning and anything that helps me in that area is top notch with me. I also tend to have a lot of ideas and crafts stocked up for the kids, but then I forget to pull them out on the intended day. This idea/system helps me with that.  The idea behind, what Dawn has dubbed the File Crate System, is that you put hanging files into your file box/crate/whatever. I have put in 10 of the hanging files. Within each hanging file you put files for each week of the month destined to that file. (Are you still with me?)

For myself I store two months per each hanging file. Each month is broken down into weeks. My extra hanging files are for recipes, maps (we use lots of them), extra planning pages, & craft ideas for my niece's Monthly Craft Kits. On Sunday I usually check that my file for the week has what I need in it for school, if not I stock it with our needed printables and lapbook pieces, anything paper related that will easily fit in there. This works so much better then putting the papers in the boys workboxes and watching them get bent around.

I also pull out a fresh set of my journaling pages and I check my calendar for anything we have going on. (Yes, that's a Bible Tales Week By Week calendar, I told you we loved Bible Tails!) The journaling pages that I made have to be my very favorite planning page thus far. Truly and honestly I love them and I use them each and every day to simply jot down what we've done in school, something I feel we might need to work on, anything that happens in our week! I've taken to keeping the weekly set on a clipboard because I can pick it up and carry it to the couch to write on, or I can jot something down while I'm making dinner. It's also an easy thing to slip into the back area of my file box and not lose.

The best part of my nifty little box is that I can simply close the lid if I need to hide it's contents or tuck it out of the way when guests are over. Practical & convenient which gets two thumbs up for us. The boys each have a box (smaller and without a lid) in place of their workboxes right now, but I think that might be best saved for another post.. I must offer up a huge thanks to those who helped us obtain this box earlier this year. It really was quite a feat, and I'm extremely grateful!


alecat said...

It's great to see how other's are using Dawn's file box system.
That basket is neat! Do you mind my asking where you go it? (please say Ikea ... lol!!)

Kendra said...

No, not Ikea lol.. I picked it up from a local office supply store called, wait for it.. Office Works (Australia) It's called a Water Hyacinth File Box. It's hinged, obviously, and has the bars inside for the hanging files. It's really nice. The baskets the boys have are made of the same materials!

alecat said...

Oh, great! Thanks for that.

We have an Officeworks not too far away, so I'll check it out and leave another visit to Ikea for another day. :)

Lisa Schafer said...

Kendra, Honey?? Can you tell me if that crate comes with the hanging frame and file holders? I can't find that info for some reason. Or did I just miss it in your blog somewhere? Thanks! Xoxoxo

Kendra said...

Hi Lisa.. It came with the metal bars that I can put hanging files on, but it had no files in it. I just used ones from a former hanging file box.