Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mural Fest

We decided to attend the announcement of winners for the Sheffield Mural Fest this year. We've always gone out and seen the start of the painting process, but we generally don't get back until after it's over. This year we decided we really wanted to see who was going to be "crowned" champion. The boys were really hoping the "crab" mural would win. (see picture to the left) So we loaded up and headed out. The weather was against the festival this year and the artists had to paint during some amazing downpours! This also put a hamper on the award ceremony. So instead of being outside in the park we were all ushered into the adjoining hall. Don't think too grand, it was quite small and very crowded with locals and tourists alike, and that's not even counting the artists!

The ceremony was a tad drawn out for the boys where there was great waffling on from a few of the judges, not to mention each artist was given a prize and a chance to say their thanks before we even found out who'd won what yet! Each year there are a total of 3 places to be won. There's the People's Choice Award, where those who come and visit the Mural Fest in the week long process can vote and chose who they love best. Then there's the Judge's Choice, which often tends to differ dramatically from the Visitor's Choice. Lastly, there's also the People's Award. This award isn't handed out until the following year! You see, when you visit Mural Park you can actually continue to cast votes for the mural you most admire. At the beginning of the next Mural Fest they count those votes up!

The painting the boys were holding out high hopes for did not win Visitor's Choice or Judge's Choice this year, but that didn't change their opinion of how awesome this mural was. They were awe struck at the finished product and were a tad disappointed that the artists of their choice, Paul Scott, didn't win. So, after all the awards were handed out and Mural Fest 2010 came to an official end many of the artists were talking amongst each other. Morgan and I located the Mr Scott and asked if he'd mind having his picture taken with us near his mural.

We were struck by how humble this artist truly was. Each time we complimented him on his mural and told him how amazing it was he was grateful but pointed out how amazing the entire experience had been and how the other artists involved were equally talented and so on. Interestingly enough, while the boys were most drawn to his mural because of the amazingly lifelike crab, the artist himself felt the octopus in the picture was his favorite part.

PS: For those wondering who did win, it was an interesting tie this year. Equally interesting was that the Visitor's Choice Award and the Judge's Pick contained the same artist, the judges simply found another mural so equally amazing that they couldn't decide who most deserved the price. You can read more about it here. (You can just make out their murals behind them.)


Malcolm said...

I think the Visitors choice for the year is actually given on the day and the Peoples choice given the next year.
Paul Scott is a truly talented mural artist. I also found him to be a really good young bloke. I hope he keeps going to Mural Fest at least until he takes out one of the awards.

Kendra said...

You're right, I posted them backwards! Thanks for noting that. :)