Thursday, April 1, 2010

Math Fun: Rounding

This past week I put together a workbox of fun things for the kids to do while I was either busy with one of them or just busy in general. The idea was to sneak things in the box that they'd not only enjoy, but that they could do on their own. While digging through our stash of homemade games and other fun things I stumbled across some math cards with various money values written on them. These are something I made back before Piggy Bank Math when we were still using Saxon math. Therefore, each money amount was based on American coins, meaning that there was a one cent value on many of them. (ie 7, 9, 27, etc.) I pulled them out anyway and decided they'd make for a great conversational piece about rounding. This is important if you live in Australia because we have no one cent coins and thus our money is rounded up or down when we exchange it.  When Morgan pulled them out I reminded him that we didn't have any pennies here, something he all ready knew. I explained that some of the cards would be hard to work out in exact change because we had no pennies.

I explained that when you can't give the exact change we round up and down. I then picked up two of the cards and explained that for one of the cards we'd have to pay more and that would mean the store would get a pinch extra money. Then I picked up another card and explained that we'd pay less then the asking price this time, and we'd get to keep a bit of extra money. He picked it up quite quickly and only got stumped on a few of them. Oddly enough, he still felt the need to verify that he was rounding in the right direction. Considering we'd never discussed this in depth before I didn't mind telling him if he was right or wrong and what the appropriate answer was. 

He really enjoyed working on this and refused to stop until he'd finished off all the cards. He did excellent on his money counting skills and asked me to verify that he'd counted all his coins right. He's really quite savvy with the money skills, but, ironically, when he goes to purchase something at the store he has a slight "freak out" moment and wants an adult to help him count the coins. These cards are a good keeper for our Fun Box though!

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