Monday, April 5, 2010

Homemade No Sugar Chocolate

We've been working on a no sugar chocolate for a while, and it's been super slow work. We don't have the liberty, here in Tasmania, of running to the store for a brick of unsweetened chocolate. We tried, we hunted down sources, and we placed a few orders but nothing was what we needed. So then we tried experimenting, and even found a few potential recipes that we tried out. The results of those recipes, while tasty, left us with a product more like yummy creamy chocolatey fudge then it did with a solid piece of chocolate. The kids were more then happy to consume the outcomes, but I wasn't happy with the results. We had one recipe down well enough to make chocolate chips out of it, but they didn't bake as well as we'd hoped. So, while experimenting and hunting down we came across this blog post about making your own raw chocolate. These were ingredients we could get our hands on, and so we started experimenting again.

Raw chocolate isn't new to us, in fact the only naturally sweetened chocolate we can obtain here is raw chocolate. Raw chocolate is tasty, especially if you like dark chocolate. Our non dark chocolate loving family members don't like it. Raw chocolate is also a bit gritty compared to normal chocolate, but again that didn't bother some of us. In the end, I took the recipe I found and played with it so that the gang here at the pumpkin patch enjoyed it, and was expectantly waiting for more.

Homemade No Sugar Chocolate

250 g of Cacoa Butter, do not let them sell you coconut butter it's NOT what you want!
8 T of cocoa powder OR cacoa powder (either works, cacoa will give you a grittier texture though)
1/8 t of salt
2 t vanilla extract (optional)
Natural Sweetener (1/2 t stevia & 2-4 T honey/maple syrup/agave/coconut sugar; 5-8 T Honey/maple syrup/agave/coconut sugar.. we use what we have on hand)

First you need to finely chop or shred your cacoa butter, this helps it melt faster. 

In a double boiler melt the cacoa butter. When it's fully melted add the salt and sweetener and keep over simmering water until melted and incorporated. I have a combination of honey and coconut sugar in mine.

Add your 8 T of cocoa or cacoa powder to the bowl; I sift mine when I do this. Mix well. Pour into a container with a pour spout, I find this makes it much easier for the next step, it's not mandatory though.

Pour the mixture into desired molds and pop them in the freezer. I find that putting the mold on a flat tray helps in getting them in the freezer without spilling it. Let them set until firm (about 20 minutes, but I find that the time can be drastically less if my house is chilly and drastically more if it's hot in here..) and then pop them out of the mold and store them in the fridge. This chocolate, while tasty, must be stored in the fridge! My kids are holding out hope that I'll buy the chess game chocolate mold and make them chocolate chess pieces, me I'm trying to resist all the delicious migraine inducing chocolates now lurking in my fridge!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to me. They look delicious. Yum!

Kendra said...

We were SOOO excited to see a recipe we could finally use! I'm so glad you posted it! :D

Tracey said...

Those look really delicious!