Friday, April 23, 2010

Frivolous Fun

It was made known that I'm hard to surprise or shop for because I refuse to eat goodies made with sugar. Trust me, the world is better for it! So, for some completely frivolous fun I'd thought I'd post the current top five things on my "someday" or "wishful thinking" list.

1. A miniature jersey cow. I'm pretty sure we could convince the real estate company that it's just an oversized dog. How were we suppose to know when we so lovingly and kindly took it in that it would grow to be a mere 40" high and give us so many rich and creamy buckets full of milk? Yep, this one's been top on my list, along side some amazing egg laying hens, for a while now.

2. The Rodale WholeFoods Cookbook. I'm pretty picky when it comes to cookbooks these days. Most recipes need so much altering in our home that I find the average cookbook to be a waste of money. How's that for total cookery snobbishness? When I stumbled upon this beautiful cookbook a couple of weeks ago it was love at first sight. I'm itching something terrible to get my hands on it, but our library doesn't have it. I'd prefer the cover pictured though, vs the ugly fish cover I've also seen. And, just in case you have your doubts about the wonderful awesome treats I could make from that book, check out the free recipe here.

3. Adjustable Rolling Pin. Okay, so this is totally frivalous because I all ready own a perfectly good rolling pin that works wonderfully well. Plus, it's not like I honestly use a rolling pin to roll out pastry or cookies that often. I use our rolling pin more often to crush vitamins or herbs. I really should invest in a mortal and pestil, but that's not on my top 5 list at the moment. Anyway, I saw this rolling pin a month or two ago when we were in a local bookshop, weird huh? I thought it was quite clever with little weights that will help you roll your dough out to the proper thickness. Okay, so maybe that's a tad Martha Stewartess of me to be worried that my dough is the correct thickness, but I do!

4. Disney's The Little House On The Prairie. Forget the televsion series that I use to adore and dream about as a kid. I mean we all dreamed of growing up to be Laura Ingalls, right? This movie takes the cake. We watched it when we were in the US many years ago, and with all our Pioneering and Little House reading we'd love to watch it again. The boys are itching for it to be purchased and arrive in the mailbox. I'm totally with them. In fact, it would be perfect for this Sunday evening when Mr Scarecrow will be away at a footie game. Think with overnight shipping it'll clear customs?

5. TableTop Raisins. Tabletop Raisins are made right here in Australia, and what's more, they don't use chemicals to dry their fruit with! They simply use the good old fashioned sun. Their raisins are so big and so moist that once you taste them nothing else will ever do. Especially when the shops only cary small shrivelled up organic raisins that we're most likely the only people in the state that buy them. We go through a bag of these beauties a week, and we're devastated to learn that our local veggie shed has no intention of carrying them anymore. Should I be concerned that 3/4 of the house has raisin withdrawals?

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Liz said...

We almost have reversed roles! I'm an Aussie living in Indiana, and you seem to be living my idyllic life back home! (Oh, how I miss it!)

I really just wanted to comment and say that I love your blog and read it through RSS, but more so, my daughters and I LOVE (as in, L-O-V-E) the Disney LHOTP miniseries. I purchased it for my daughter for Christmas and we've watched it at least ten times since then!

I hope you find a copy -- if not, let me know. I'll be happy to post one to you. :)