Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Pictures

The boys enjoyed the annual present hunt in the morning. They equally enjoyed hiding Daddy's 2 foot chocolate bunny they bought too. Which brought out resounding choruses of "Oo I love the bunny.." which also brought on an awful lot of laughter. Morgan enjoyed his poem far more then Jayden who was simply amazed he was given a sucker shaped like a foot that was suppose to remind him of Jesus. 

In the afternoon we went to the 2010 Sheffield Mural Fest. After walking the rounds the boys decided they'd like the "crab" one to win. His proof is the framed image at the bottom, he'll be putting that on a large mural board over a weeks time. We were able to watch him put on the white spatter, which was a fun effect. He was also quite friendly and willing to answer Morgan's questions. There were a total of 9 murals being painted and we're eager to go back this weekend to see the completed projects and find out who this year's winner is. Mr Scarecrows loved the mural at the top with the mountain and hammock in it. It should be fantastic when it's done. I was completely undecided yet, aside for 2 I was completely appalled by. The boys added their names to the chalk wall again, an annual tradition for themselves.

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