Friday, April 30, 2010

Black Forest Cake

We had two birthdays in April that we baked cakes to celebrate. Thankfully we also had several other people to share the cakes with. Mr Scarecrow's family is big on Black Forest Cherry Cakes, and Jayden had been asking for one for a while. Making one sugar-free is not a difficult task, having a reason to make one is another story. So when we had the second birthday cake notice arrive I offered to make the cake knowing how much Jayden was dying for me to make one. This cake is very simple. All you need is the Chocolate Cake Recipe, a jar of cherries, and 1-2 cups of whipping cream. You can use home canned cherries, or store bought, we've used both in the past. In this picture I used store bought cherries. Either way, check the sugar content on the jar. Our jar had a minute amount of sugar in them. Normally I'd say no, but I was completely out of home canned cherries and on a time crunch.

Drain your jar of cherries. I do this by putting a sieve over a bowl and pouring the cherries in the sieve. Make up the chocolate cake replacing the 3/4 cup of milk with 3/4 c of liquid from your jar of cherries. Bake the cake in 2 round tins. Once cooled cut each round in half. I prefer to use an electric knife which makes the job very simple and quick. Whip up your whipping cream, if you buy thickened cream (an Aussie product) be aware that most of them have sugar and fillers in them. Sometimes I sweeten the cream with 3 "scoops" of stevia per 1 cup of liquid cream.

Place one layer of cake on a plate. Spread 1/4th of the cream on the cake layer. cover the cream with cherries. Repeat three times, saving your nicest looking cherries for the top layer. Place the fourth layer of cake on, spread your cream on. I put the last of the cream in a decorating bag with a large start tip to create the cherry "holds". Place one cherry on each blob of cream. That's it, super simple. I happened to have a bit of chocolate on hand and so I used a potato peeler to make lovely curls of chocolate to top the cake with.

My boys were in awe of the many layers of chocolately goodness. The cake was made shortly after breakfast and they were begging to dig into it all day. I'm pretty sure they inhaled dinner that night in order to get to the cake.

For the record this makes a lot of cake. You wouldn't want to eat an especially large piece with all that lovely cream in it or you'd be sporting a nice belly ache. You can also make cupcake sized cakes. I simply bake cupcakes and cut each one in half and just plop one cherry on the top. This way you can make up a smaller amount of little cakes and freeze the extra cupcakes until you need them.

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That cake looks delicious!!