Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today is ANZAC Day, and we're choosing to celebrate in a slightly more active roll then last year. All though we still won't be attending a dawn service, and it's unclear if we'll make the march or not; we will remember. We've picked six small things to help us in remembering:

1. Giant Paper Poppies. As soon as I saw these last month I knew we'd be making them for ANZAC Day. It's a quick and simple craft, and the hardest part was locating some red and black tissue paper. Our poppies may not be symetrical or even 100% realistic, but if it's the thought that counts then our poppies will be worth more then money can buy.

2. ANZAC Biscuits. We managed to create sugar-free Anzac biscuits last year, and there's no need to tell anyone in this house twice it's time to make some. If you haven't tried them yet, you really should.

3. My Grandad Marches On Anzac Day. While the boys do not have a grandfather who will be marching today, they will still enjoy reading the story. There will be many questions about the shiny medals we spotted in the News Agent, The shiny medal at Nana's, and Uncle D's new job. So many big questions from such little people.

4. Flanders Field Booklet. One poem, so many emotions. The boys will enjoy making the mini booklets, and they'll equally enjoy knowing that the poem has significant historical meaning. There's been much question about ANZAC Day since our trip to the Pioneer museum. Seeing all the garb there has given them a much wider view of the entire subject.

5. Anzac Cottage. Another Anzac book that we were blessed to be able to find in the library early enough that we could read it together on Anzac. The boys will be amazed at why and how the cottage was built, and that amazement will grow even wider when they find out it's a true story. I think they'll also enjoy seeing the pictures and wondering how much of it was "just like Laura.."

6. Anzac Memorial. The tribute in our town is smaller, by a lot. It's not as shiny, and we've yet to see a single poppy growing on it. We plan to change that. We'll be taking our giant, slightly less then perfect, poppies down to the memorial and leaving them. We can only hope the rain and wind hold off just long enough for us to leave our gifts.  There's also talk of delivering some to the two other semi-local memorials, but that may happen later this week.

This is just our small and quite way of saying "Thank you." to the past, present, and future Australian Soldiers.

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