Thursday, March 18, 2010

Still Here..

We're still here at the Pumpkin Patch, just slow on blogging this week. I actually tend to do all my blogging on the weekend and schedule posts to pop up through the week. However, last week was so crazy for us we had a lot of downtime this past weekend and that included down time from blogging and other computer type activities. We were, in essence, entirely lazy. We're also working on an Australian Nature blog. Not because the world needs another nature blog out there, we're well aware of many amazing and fun nature blogs that are there to encourage homeschoolers and nature enthusiasts alike. However, while we've wanted to "play along" with these blogs we've had a hard time considering the vast difference between the northern and southern hemispheres, not to mention our array of flora and fauna aren't always the same either.

All of which has inspired us to create a nature blog dedicated to the nature we encounter right here in Australia. The idea was that if we shared 52 different ideas/plans/lessons/etc. in a years time we'd also be up and exploring more of it ourselves. Will it work? Time will tell, however we've been having a lot of fun getting things set up.  We're hoping to have our first post, All About Millipedes (don't laugh if your living in the Northern Hemisphere we've being overrun and inundated with them right now, and not the native ones but the imported pesky ones too!) up by next week for those wishing to "play along."

We're also fighting a cold, learning a new schedule, savoring the last of a summer that seems to want to stay, putting the effects of a new school term into action, rearranging the house and eagerly awaiting packages from our postman.  All though, between you and me I think the postman is officially freaked out when he heard us singing, "Oh Mr Postman, won't you bring us a package all wrapped in brown, don't' care where it comes from as long as it's mine..." What can I say, we're eager for our packages!


Kylie said...

Oh wow I am very happy reading this post....I have so wanted someone to start an Oz Nature Blog, we really miss out here on all of those wonderful nature activities those guys play along with in the US. I was getting to the stage that I had even been thinking about doing it myself but really I didn't know where to start. I can't wait to see it. Have you shared the link yet, please do. :)

Kendra said...

LOL, Kylie, I didn't post a link did I? I'm such a nut! it's Always Outside. The url has two 11's in it because the other way was taken.. all though dh thinks it's a great play on words! ;)

Kylie said...

Great thanks Kendra. :)

Kylie said...

Kendra I just tried to post a comment on your new blog but the forms keeps appearing 'chopped in half'. I can add my comment but the word veriifcation form is not showing up properly, not sure if it is becasue of the template I can't seem to see exactly why.

Anyway, this is the comment I tried to leave.

Fabulous Idea Kendra. I won't say I will link every week as I know that won't happen :( but I am so glad you have done this. Us Aussies have really been missing out when it comes to Nature Blogs, so thank you. Are you happy for me to spread the word? Do you have a button I can place on my blog?

Kendra said...

I need to make a button for it, good thinking! ;) Yes, share the word. There's been some chatter about it on the Aussie Homeschool boards under the Biby and Banksia thread.. I'll have to go investigate what's up with the comment section.. Hopefully it's an easy fix and not a blogger issue.