Sunday, March 14, 2010

Scrapbook Boutique

This weekend while the kids and I were at the library Mr Scarecrow ran to a computer shop across the street. While there he picked up my scrapbooking program, thinking he was getting the latest version. As it turned out, he picked up the very same version I had. He was highly disappointed by this and it caused some poking around on the web, and we stumbled upon the scrapbooking program put out by Simple Scrapbooks (use to LOVE that magazine..) called Scrapbook Boutique. It was quite cheap and downloadable and so Mr Scarecrow bought it for me. I was quite excited but had to wait the entire day for it to download. In fact, by the time I gave up waiting and went to sleep at 11 pm it STILL wasn't done! The worth was wait it though. Check out the 5 pages I made this morning while testing out the new program:

It's really simple to use with a drag and drop method. I'll still be holding on to my old program and using it LOTS for notebooking pages, lapbooks, and other fun printables. But I was honestly surprised by how simple it was to make a digital scrapbook page with this fun program! I also noticed you can go to the Simple Scrapbook website and purchase fun kits and digital items to go with the program. Even cooler, I can run this program on my Mac! The only problem with the program is that I think it'll be pretty easy to get addicted to using it! You can buy this program from Amazon if you want, but it's a bit pricer there.

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