Saturday, March 6, 2010

Question #99

Nope, I'm not. My husband is, and so are my children but I am not. My husband is Australian by birth, thus so are his children. I am American by birth, thus so are my children. America does not recognize dual citizenship, Australia does. Because our children were born in America there was no fancy footwork needed there. We did, however, have to file for their Australian citizenship, travel to an Australian Consulate in America, and pay a nominal fee per child for them to be recognized by the Australian government as Australian citizens. That was a fun adventure in and of itself and one our family will never forget considering we got lost in downtown Atlanta, Georgia and were so lost the poor Australian Consulate couldn't help us find our way out. Nor could the 2 police officers we asked, or the three maps we encountered. No, it was a well dressed businessman that I asked in total desperation who was actually able to help us find the monstrous building we were searching out. Funniest part? 5 minutes from our hotel room.

I, however, am not an Australian citizen. I am living in Australia on an indefinite visa which permits me to live and work here as long as I'd like. It does not entitle me to vote, which we've had to clarify a few times to various voting offices... However, we had lots of fun listening to the guy in the immigration department become very wowed out by my visa. He was confused as to how I was granted such a visa so quickly much less at all, which in turn freaked us out until he verified that all the paperwork was in order. So apparently, I'm on a special visa, which means my parents were right all along, I am a pretty special person!

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