Sunday, March 7, 2010

FFWW: Early 19th Century..

We're still learning about WestWard Expansion around here but we're using Homeschool In The Woods Early 19th Century History Pack as our spine for the study. So this week the lessons we are tackling will come directly from the history pack, all though we may add a bit of Pony Express history in this week as well. The boys really loved the small glimpse of that time frame they had when we covered it last year so digging a bit deeper this time around will be fun for them. We're still plucking away with Little House too as we didn't have as many opportunities to read too much of the book last week. I was honestly hesitant to read this series to them because of it's "girlish" characters, but they really love it. This week our pickings will seem slim, but will keep us quite busy:

  • Little House On The Prairie & free lapbook that goes with it. We just fill it in as we read. Alternately it would have worked for the boys to do narration instead. We're also pulling some quotes from the book for handwriting practice.
  • Jimmy Spoon & The Pony Express -- this will be our read aloud this week and we may use quotes from there for handwriting as well or we may try some narration from it.
  • They're Off -- this is a picture book about the Pony Express that came highly recommended to us. We like that we can see the various stations along the PE route so we can mark them on our wall map for fun!
  • Hands On History Pony Express -- we'll do a few fun things from this book as well as enjoy some of the printables (pony express rider cards and more) for our WWHO notebooks
  • Early 19th Century -- this history pack comes with 5 weeks worth of lessons and we've really enjoyed them thus-far. Lots of lapbooking, notebooking, and hands on projects to enjoy too.
  • Multiples of 2 poster -- blog post coming soon, hopefully.. We'll also play some multiplication games this week as well.

See, we'll be quite busy this week, how about you?

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