Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Fun

We're gearing up for a week full of Easter Fun around here. We've been down and out with one wicked cold that knocked three of us backwards for far longer then normal and we're so ready to jump head first into something far more fun then tissues, butter menthols, and peppermint chest rub. The upside to it all was that I had time, between viewings of Clutch Powers & G Force, to put together a week of Easter Fun stuff for the boys. Coming up with some fun plans for Easter was quite high on my priority list this year, and something I've been thinking about since February. I just felt the need to do a nice Easter study with them for school this year, as well as some really fun crafts too.

So, I was really excited to find the Easter Adventure 2010 from Scripture Adventures. I picked this up from Currclick this week. It's 100% awesome, as my boys would say. It's broken down with crafts, recipes, Bible Stories, and Easter Journal pages. I know my craft child will love getting his hands dirty this week and both of them will enjoy the Bible story. There's also a scripted Christian Passover Dinner included for anyone who wants to try it out. Mr Scarecrow & I had a look at it and decided it would be fun to do with the boys, and most certainly memorable. Morgan will especially enjoy it because it will remind him greatly of Mrs Katz & Tush, a book he really enjoyed. This will be our school unit study for the week too. (By the way, the Easter Adventure will be on sale with just over a $4 savings until the 5th of April. You can also currently get a free Easter Lapbook put out by Scripture Adventures if you're interested. If you go to Scripture Adventures Website and sign up for their free newsletter you'll also score a 10% off coupon which you can use on their website!)

Before discovering the fun at Currclick I came up with 7 additional Easter Crafts which have nothing to do with the Easter Bunny.  We have never celebrated the Easter Bunny here, and while we have nothing at all against the Easter Bunny, we do enjoy keeping our Easter a pinch more Christ centered. I was really eager to come up with some crafts that my kids would enjoy but didn't revolve too much around the bunny. This isn't always an easy task, and don't get me wrong there are some really cute bunny crafts out there, but I was really looking for something different.  My favorite may be the Life Of Jesus Bracelet.. The 7 crafts I came up with can be downloaded in pdf form here.

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