Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Baskets

I know I've mentioned that we don't do the Easter Bunny, but we do still give out Easter gifts & baskets. We like to give the kids a few fun things but also like to stock them up with a few Bible related items. Cds, books, a new Bible (if needed), Veggie Tale videos, and so on. This year, while considering what I might fill the kids baskets with I ran across the article It's Not About The Bunny, which gave me an interesting idea. While we've always filled our kids baskets with fun and creative things and very little candy the idea in the article about filling the baskets with things that will remind them of the Easter Story really excites me, and I thought I'd share that idea here. And, incase you're up to making your own Easter Baskets and have an unbelievable amount of stuffed animals (and if you don't have an unbelievable amount of stuffed animals, I'm pretty sure I could many of our's away..) there's an awfully cute Easter basket idea here.


Ndasika said...

I like the story of the Not about the Bunny, the writer is right, the Bunny story is based on pagan culture and it is important that people know that.

Edwena said...

I don't know if it's just my computer, but not all your pictures are showing up. There's like a stripe beside the post and if I click on it, the picture shows up on a separate page from your post. Maybe it's just me though. I can still read your lovely post though.