Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Cottage Tales..

While wandering the library recently, something we tend to quite often, I passed a stack of books that had been recently returned. Which means the giant shelf in the middle of the floor. I suspect books get tossed here when the librarians are up to their eyeballs in patrons and need the space behind the counter. Either way a book laying on top caught my eye. I'm not entirely sure what it was other then it's flashy knew book jacket that attracted me to it, but I flipped it open and started reading it. When I was informed, by a well meaning husband and two fidgety little boys, that we should really go home for lunch I took the book with me. And so begins the tale of how I became completely addicted to a series of books known as The Cottage Tales Of Beatrix Potter.

If you've never read the books you're missing out on a real treat. While the books are purely fictional there's also quite a lot of true facts hidden within them too. The books seem to take you through the adult life of Beatrix after she purchased Hill Top Farm. In each book there's mention of her latest children's book that she is either working on or has just hit the market. There's also the story of her quite engagement and then the loss which followed.

There are only two non fictional characters in the book, Beatrix & Mr. Heelis. The books take place in the Lake District and revolve around a mystery of some sort. Most of which Beatrix has a hand in helping to solve, as do the many animals who roam around the stories. In fact, from time to time we get to hear from the animals too.


alecat said...

These look just delightful!!!!

I've just checked my library. Yes, they have these, so I've reserved the first book.

Thank you so much for sharing. I'm looking forward to reading these. :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy these too! The next book, The Tale of Oak Cake Crag, is scheduled for Sept 2010.