Sunday, March 21, 2010

Clutch Powers 2

The boys recently watched The Adventures Of Clutch Powers about a bajillion times while suffering with colds. So when I had to hear the story of Clutch once again over breakfast while I was battling my own cold I suggested the boys write stories about Clutch. Morgan took me up on that offer and typed some himself and asked me to type while he narrated. Here's what he came up with:

Clutch Powers 2

Clutch  went with his team to  find his Dad. The evil  skeletons  charged,  but the knights  charged  at the skeletons.  Then  Mallock the Malign uses magic to stop Clutch Power’s team.

Clutch found a  cage.   He saw a pair of  keys hanging from  Mallock’s cape.   Clutch   got    the keys from Mallock by making him take a bath.  When Mallock got in the bath, Clutch took the keys from his cape. Mallock told the skeletons to go find Clutch. Then, Clutch went to find the cage that he had seen.

He unlocked the cage, rescued his Dad. Then Clutch and his Dad had to battle the skeletons. The fought bravely and defeated 101 skeletons, but then Mallock was done with his bath.

Mallock got his magic wand and tried to defeat their power sparks with it. But Hogar came out of no where and whacked Mallock with his stone malice and Mallock was captured by Clutch. Then everywhere turned bright again. Then they stuck Mallock in jail, and then the space police thanks Clutch Powers and his Dad for saving the Lego World from the evil clutches of Mallock the Malign.

The End

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Michele said...

That was great! We watched Clutch Powers earlier this week. I got it from netflix for the boys. I think we'll be buying this one. I thought it was cute and I thought the evil skeletons were pretty funny.