Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bible Tails Calendar

Last year (or would that be the year before) my sister-in-law gave Mr Scarecrow & I this hillarious calendar called Bible Tails. It was so much fun flipping it over each month to see what crazy cartoon was ahead. We each had our favorites out of it and Mr Scarecrow actually cut his favorite out and pinned it to his office wall. So this year we decided we had to treat ourselves to a new one. We don't ordinarily bother to buy calendars because they seem to appear in our home with very little effort, but we sat there lingering over the last month of our Bible Tails and decided we really wanted to have that much fun again. In Australia you can buy it through Koorong, and if you cash in earlier in the year you can get it during one of their 20% off sales. Unfortunately they are currently sold out so if you want one now you'll have to try Amazon or CBD both of which ship this far. CBD, however, takes a really long time to get here.

So this month this funny comic popped up on our calendar and while Mr Scarecrow and I rolled with laughter while watching it the boys wanted to know what it meant. So we told them that it was the line outside the girls room on the ark. They accepted it and moved on, and then out of the blue that evening Morgan says, "So Mom, where exactly did they go to the bathroom on the ark anyway?"

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