Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine Mailboxes

On Valentine's Day we always give the kids a Valentine, a small chocolate, and often a stuffed animal. This year, I gave the boys laundry soap boxes to decorate for mailboxes; Morgan had a blast with this, Jayden decided jumping on the trampoline was much more fun. So I did Jayden's box while Morgan worked on his (and for the record his purple strip had his full name on it, so I scuffed it off for this post..) We covered our boxes with fun wrapping paper and then we used hearts and stickers on them. When the boys went to bed they left them on their nightstand, and we filled each box with a Valentine from Mr Scarecrow & I, 2 raspberry fruit sticks, 1 sugar-free chocolate bar, 1 small lego set, & a set of fun coupons. The coupons each have something different on them and they get to use one (each) a month over the next 12 months. They've all ready selected exactly which coupons they hope to use this month!

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