Saturday, February 20, 2010

Question #97

It started as a bit of a joke, but to get to the joke I have to back up a bit here. My husband created an online gaming site many years ago. It started out quite small just for family and a few friends when the site we use to play on went offline. Within a year the site had grown quite well traveled by a few hundred thousand people. 8 years later the site has more then tripled in size. We do not use our real names on that site. There was no particular reason for it when we started, but over time the nicknames we used there stuck and as the site grew we felt it was a wiser choice. My husband heard tell that there was a Facebook fan page for the gaming site and he decided to check it out. When he tried to join with his name from said website they didn't believe it was really him and wouldn't let him join. Thus, he had to create an incognito account. We thought it extremely amusing, and, once the rest of the family figured out who he was, found it highly amusing too. It's not abnormal to hear people calling him Charlie Smith either, including our kids from time to time! When he was helping me set up a place to store the pdf's I offer here he liked thescarecrow graphics I had, and as a joke I referred to him as Mr Scarecrow. It kind stuck considering his incognito"ness" elsewhere on the internet. Have a question, feel free to ask.

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Anonymous said...

My husband's CB handle was "Scarecrow" when he drove over the road. His friends teased him about 'running around like he didn't have a brain'. Somebody came up with "Scarecrow", and it just stuck.