Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How To Store Ebooks

I've mentioned a lot of ebooks here on the Pumpkin Patch, and it too me a while to find a great way to store them. I like to put them in a notebook of some sort. The one in the picture is what I was using before my ProClick investment. The notebook on the left has clear sleeves, you can add and subtract sleeves based on what you need. I like to print out my books to read because honestly I can't stand reading books on the computer, and excess scrolling gives me a migraine. Once my book is printed and put in a notebook of choice I then put the ebook on a cd and label the cd.

Then I stick it in a clear sleeve that has a sticker back. I stick that in the back cover of the ebook. That way I always know where a copy of it is should my computer crash. Then I label the spine (if possible) and pop it on the bookcase with all the other ebooks. Easy Peasy!


Michele said...

This is a great idea! I was just trying to decide how to store my ebooks the other day. Since I purchsed my laptop (after my desktop crashing twice and getting a new hard drive that also crashed) I have been wanting a way to store them off the computer.
I have a ton of them and I want don't want to loose them yet again.
What kind of sleeves are those sticky backed ones you mentioned. Can I find them at an office supply do you think?
I have also been meaning to ask you what size spines (I can't think of the correct word) you use for your proclick. I am wanting to get a proclick and have been saving up my amazon gift cards to buy one.

Kendra said...

The sleeves are just clear plastic cd sleeves with a stick back. I picked mine up at a local office supply store, and I'm betting if I can get them in my little town you can get them where you are! Unfortunately I can only get 3 sizes of spines here. It's not a biggie because the majority of the time what size I have is fine, but occasionally I could use something a pinch bigger. I think what I have is the 16mm. I can only get 8mm, 12mm, and 16mm and I was pretty sure I had the biggest. When I check if it's a different I'll let you know. They are the right size for most ebooks though!

Honey said...

I absolutely love your idea for storing your Ebooks. I have so many Ebooks scattered all over my computer and I can never find them when I need them. I also enjoy reading paper rather than scrolling. Great idea and great post!

Jimmie said...

I'm thinking that if you didn't want to print the entire book for whatever reason, you could just print the title page and at least you'd have a physical reminder of what you've got in e format. I tend to forget what is on my hard drive. I need to do this! Maybe it will be a spring cleaning project.

Kendra said...

Sometimes I don't print the WHOLE thing out. Like the Homeschool In The Woods History Packs. I didn't print out the actual Lapbook or handwriting pieces. Just the instructions and lesson plans. That way I can READ what I need, and just view the rest on the computer. I set off migraines if I scroll on the computers too much so that works both ways! : )