Sunday, February 7, 2010

FFWW: Westward Expansion

This week we're hitting the trails with the Westward Ho! website. The idea is to "travel" the Oregon trail on your way out west and see how you'd survive picking your way along. We won't be studying much about the Oregon trail itself, as we've opted to focus on a few other pieces of history based from the westward expansion. We've decided to spend our time studying Lewis & Clark (more of a small wrap up from our previous study), Pioneers, Native Americans, Pony Express, & Gold Mining. There's so much one could cover in regards to westward expansion that I'm sure if we'll cover some of the other areas at another time. In the mean time I decided to pick things that interested the kids & that we had the books on hand to study. It took a bit of prep work for me, but that might be because I opted to get 5 weeks worth of school together at once! So here's our plans for Week 1 of the Westward Expansion!

Lewis & Clark:
  • Read Lewis And Clark And Me each day. Because we wish to wrap this up in a week we'll be reading 2 chapters a day. It's a short and simple book and it shouldn't be a difficult to read that much a day.
  • Finish any outstanding bits of our Lewis & Clark lapbook, there aren't many, but we'll also look over what we have as a review. The lapbook has really beautiful artwork in it too!
  • Read The Story Of Sacajawea. We didn't focus in on her much last time despite the best laid plans. So, if time permits, we'll enjoy reading the short chapter book about her this week as well.
  • Read up on Thomas Jefferson, we discussed Jefferson before and marked some things about him in our notebook timeline. This time we'll read about him from our book of presidents and add him to the large wall timeline. In fact we'll be adding all key events to our large wall timeline this time too.
  • Do a couple of the fun activities we didn't get to in Lewis & Clark Expedition. We'd like to try surveying land, make a balsa wood canoe (if we can find a large enough chunk of balsa), and moccasins.
Through out the week we'll be adding things to our wall timeline, tracing routes on various maps, and celebrating a little boy's birthday. We'll also be playing some fun math games from the Card Game Round-up!
What about you, what do you have planned for your Fun Filled Weekly Workboxes? Blog about it and then come back and link up! Don't have a blog and want to play along? Just leave a comment telling us what fun things you have planned for your workboxes.

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