Saturday, February 27, 2010

FFWW: More W.ward Expansion

With the olympics coming to an end shortly we'll be returning to our regularly scheduled schooling around here. So we'll be back to our Westerward Expansion studies here. During the afternoon break, there is no Olympic coverage, there's been a bit of rearranging happening in our house. So, for now, our workboxes are taking a small change. I'll still be posting our weekly school plans here, but they may not all be 100% workbox related because of our current change. As for our Westerward Expansion study, we're looking very forward to getting right back into it. The boys have really fallen in love with the Little House On The Prairie book. They enjoy seeing what befalls the Ingalls family next and the general way of life the Ingalls enjoyed/experienced. The only downside to reading the book is that I'm hearing a lot of, "Mom, did they have .... in the olden days." (Laugh all you want Mom!) I'm not exactly sure how long ago they think the "olden days" are, but it's quite funny the questions they come up with. This week we'll be:

  • Homeschool in the Woods Early 19th Century -- we're working our way through this as our spine for the Westward Expansion study. The boys really enjoyed learning about the Barbary Pirates too.. all their narration of it over the lunch table for Daddy was quite humorous!
  • Little House On The Prairie -- we've been enjoying reading this and using the freebie lapbook from HomeSchoolShare. The lapbook is basically a way for the kids to narrate back or "report" back on various elements of each chapter.
  • Native American History Pockets -- we're still working our way through this as we learn about the various tribes of Native Americans. The boys are equally intrigued by this study as well, and they've enjoyed learning that their opinions were quite off the mark when it comes to the Native Americans.

We might also begin cursive with a book I picked up, Morgan's quite eager to get started on "squiggly loopy" writing. We shall see, we shall see. I'm not sure I can keep putting him off any longer!

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Aly in va said...

Do whatever works for you (posts about workboxes, etc)
Sounds like you guys are busy learning away and studying some exciting times in history.