Sunday, February 7, 2010

Face Paint

We contemplated a face painting booth for our Carnival Themed party, but in the end the idea was tossed out. Not, because it was a bad idea. Rather because it would mean someone would most likely need to man the booth in order to paint faces. No one was feeling entirely talented enough to want to do this. The idea then came up to let kids apply their own face paint, which inspired the idea to give away face paint as one of the party prizes. I decided making face paint would be wiser because the stuff isn't exactly cheap. The little plastic containers came from a local shop and I picked up 18 of them for 2 dollars. The lids do not screw on, but instead pop on and off, and are quite a tight fit so there's no fear of them popping open. We opted for a simple recipe that involved face cream, corn starch, water, and food coloring.

The recipe only made up a tiny bit at a time and in order to get 3 little jars full I had to quadruple the recipe for each color. We also tested a bit of it on Morgan's face. While it works, it's not particularly bright he was pleased with it. I suspect that if I made it again I might go for the clown make up recipe I saw instead. It, however, contains lots of shortening and vaseline which seemed really greasy for applying to ones skin!

After we mixed and bottled it all up I made up tiny labels to go on these bottles. They are seriously small and only hold about 2 teaspoons of paint each or so. I figured that smaller was better in this instance. I had actually considered buying those week long medicine boxes so that each person would receive a variety of the colors, but these little bottles were better priced.

Yes, we gave them all colorful names again. They don't smell any different then each other, but we decided that names like Berry Blue sounded way better then Blue. All though I'm not entirely sold on Yummy Yellow, hopefully no one will think it's so yummy they can eat it!

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