Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bye-Bye Toothie

When Jayden was 2 we were shopping for Gram-Gram's birthday present in a CVS, and I promise it was a requested present! Jayden had the horrible habit of holding on to an adults hands and leaning as far back as he could setting the adults balance off and often causing huge pile-ups. Fear of pain has never stopped this kid from doing anything.

This is the child who climbed out of his crib and fell twice in doing so making the lights downstairs shake; he scaled the bunk beds in an attempt to get to his brother; he willingly sat in the front on a skateboard that was being bushed down a steep tiered hill; he jumped in the pool and swam across it at 18 months while I stood on the side screaming before instincts kicked in and I took off across the pool after him (for the record, he swam the entire thing without slipping under and giggled when I dragged him out..); he tried to climb into the pen with the zebras at the zoo, and when that didn't work he attempted to join the rhinos. It's a miracle this child has not landed in the hospital with a broken bone or some other horrifying ailment. I'm completely off topic now though..

While shopping that day he pulled on me and I felt myself falling. Only problem was I felt myself falling straight on top of him. Rather then crush him I let go. I figured he'd tumble backwards and I'd fall straight down. I didn't fall, he did. Face first. he smashed four of his top front teeth and it took 2 rolls of paper towel to get the bleeding to stop. Oddly enough not one CVS worker looked up to see why my child was screaming or why I was pulling paper towel off the shelf. Nor did they question why I wanted to know if they sold popsicles or ice. The teeth were knocked so loose we expected him to lose them overnight, but he didn't. However, over the years those four teeth have slowly turned a funny color and looked downright icky.

So when Jayden came in the house the other day declaring he'd lost a tooth we were quite excited because his top tooth had been loose for a while. What I did not expect was to be showered in blood when he opened his mouth, nor the tears that followed it. I did not panic, I think I deserve a gold star for that one. I simply took him to the sink and made him rinse. A lot. Then I started to ask how he lost the tooth. Turns out, he and Morgan were wrestling and Morgan popped him in the mouth and out flew the tooth. Jayden also managed to bite the inside of his lip, which is where the blood was coming from. Which means now, when people say, "Who knocked out your tooth!" he can proudly say, "Morgan!" and people laugh because they don't know what you and I know..

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