Thursday, February 11, 2010

Build A Clown

We're still preparing for a fun carnival party around here, and these clown kits are another prize to be won. Honestly, I kinda cheated on these fun and cheap prizes. I rounded up some of the cardboard tubes (which sounds way cooler and nicer then toilet paper tubes) and I printed off a craft to go with them from the DLTK-Kids website. I then cut it all apart, wrote up instructions and put them in little bags. I made the fun tags at the top of the bags and then we stapled them on. They are virtually free if you own paper and a color printer. We also tend to have a stack of cardboard tubes in varying sizes stocked up in the craft cupboard around here. Even the colored staples (to go with our rainbow theme) were in the giant jar of staples in the cupboard. I paid 20 cents each for the bags at the local balloon store.

Here's the top of the bag, isn't the clown cute? I didn't make him, he was part of the set I purchased from Pc Crafter for our invitations. We've actually used the same image set to make invites, various tags for prizes, party picks, and more.. Honestly, this has to be one of the funnest times we've had preparing for a party, and probably the cheapest too. Morgan is extremely excited about it, he's holding out hope for a real clown too..

We have an entire parade of clown kits here, don't ask me why there's only three in that picture! The only difficult part about this craft was cutting out all those fiddly little bits, that and perhaps trying to decide if giving people empty toilet paper tubes was too cheesy or not! Frugalness won out, or is that cheapness?

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