Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birthday Party Ahead..

Birthday party plans start early around here. And this year was no different. In fact, I'm pretty sure the idea for a Carnival party started sometime in July or September of last year! Either way, Morgan has been dreaming of a Carnival style birthday party for sometime. Oddly enough the boys have never been to a carnival. Morgan has been to one fair, and he's way too young to remember it. The thought of taking my kids and sticking them on rides that were put together overnight overwhelms me. I know, I'm weird. My kids haven't really asked to go either, and occasionally see a ferris wheel from afar and say, "Oh cool the carnival is in town, are we going?" Truthfully, they'd hate it. Morgan would hate every single ride because chances are it would freak him out. He was born with the fear of heights. I know you probably think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. As an infant he'd scream in terror if he was on a changing table. As a toddler he'd grip it until his knuckles turned white and he's scream. He loves swinging but always cries out, "NOT TOO HIGH MOM!" One or two pushes later and he's good to go. He can climb up a tree, something that's taken him 8 years to gain the courage for, but getting down is another story. He can't sit next to a window on an airplane without panic. He loves to travel by plane, but he can't look out the window. Taking Morgan to the fair would be painful and scary and no fun for him. However, what he lacks in bravery to heights he makes up for in his competitive nature when he plays games.

This child will sit there and laugh this maniacal evil laugh while blowing you to bits on a board game. Ever play Blockus? I have. Ever played against Morgan? I have. He has a few Uncles who are still flabbergasted that he beat them, and they've vowed revenge at family camp. Ever play a video game with Morgan? I have. It's not pretty. It takes the term bumper cars to a whole new level. It's like he's Dr Jekly & Mr Hyde. Which means a party filled with game playing is totally up his alley and 100% his thing. Teaching him to win with modesty might be a different story though..

Needless to say when Morgan asked for a carnival party I was all for it. I thought it was an awesome idea and started planning right away. Not that I took much action on those plans, after all it was only July or possibly September and there was many months to go before we needed to put too much effort into things. Now it's January and all the planning is becoming "stuff". I've been busy making things and planning out how to put our games into action and so on. Morgan is nosey and eager to find out what's going on, but I'm trying to keep much of it a secret even to him. However, Morgan doesn't read my blog so I can share all my crafts here and he'll never know the difference.

One of the ideas behind the party was that the kids would all play typical carnival type games and then win tickets which they'd cash in for prizes. I didn't want to spend oodles of money on cheap worthless prizes though, and so I decided to come up with some fun ideas that would be cheap or simple to make at home. My plan had been to make up a batch of bubbles (something I still haven't attempted yet) and then to put them in small containers with homemade wands to give away. However, while out looking for Borax (apparently my store was changing brands and it took them all night to restock it..) we stumbled upon 24 bubbles colorful mini bubbles for a meager 7 dollars. I decided that I'd splurge on them considering most of the rest of the prizes weren't going to cost me anything.

We brought them home and I decided to make a fun label for them. I used my trusty scrapbooking program and some fun graphics by Laurie Furnell that are up for grabs at PcCrafter.com. Within a few minutes I'd made up the cute labels you see on the fun colorful bubbles.

Of course we had to rename them too because writing Bubbles just seemed to ordinary and plain. Unfortunately my sticker maker was out of sticky paper so I had to use a glue stick to adhere the labels to the bottles. They were a huge hit with the soon to be birthday boy, and I was quite pleased with them myself. It only took a few minutes to do, but we like the bubbles even more now then we did before!

Stay tuned for a whole birage of Carnival Craft posts for our upcoming party. It's been a lot of fun putting it together, and I must say quite colorful too. If you're really lucky we might even get a few photos of Mr Scarecrow dressed up a clown. Morgan is really hoping for this, and oddly enough Daddy agreed to be the clown for the party!

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