Monday, February 15, 2010

Birthday Oreos

Don't you just love the look on his face? Or how about the fact that he's got a Jaja Binks character clutched tightly in his hand there? That was one of his beloved birthday presents and it wasn't out of his sight or hand for the first 48 hours he had it. That included a trip to the grocery store, the fruit market, and even outside to watch the repair man fix the fence! Thankfully I wasn't asked to kiss it goodnight, I might have had to draw the line.. On Morgan's birthday I made him oreos (again) and he was delighted! I'm glad too, it was so hot and humid here too that having the oven on for the short time it took to cook the biscuits left us all sweating while playing a game of cards! We even stuck candles in them and happily sang Happy Birthday to him. The dog was a tad confused as to why we were singing over chocolate cookies, and most put out when the birthday boy offered everyone else, except him, a cookie. May I just say those candles were HOT. I told him that if putting 9 candles on a plate of cookies was that intense I wasn't sure I'd be able to carry 10 candles next year. Which led to a very long discussion on how he was nearly 10 (can I adjust to 9 first?!) because there's a video game they were told they couldn't play until they hit the ripe old age of 10!

We used the same Oreo recipe from last year which can be found on the Smitten Kitchen website. We made the same alterations as last time.

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