Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Small Obsession

The boys have a small obsession, can you tell? They don't collect them for their monetary value, but for their fun value. The toothfairy seems to leave them tucked under pillows quite often, and they get one in their Christmas stocking each year as well. In fact they have a few mini's they didn't even sneak in the photo so they debated all day on how many they owned. Their favorite part? Taking the costumes off one beanie and slipping it on another. This brings a lot of giggles and snorts to their day. My favorite one is hidden behind the police bair, but he has wild hair and funny eyes. He's suppose to be a "mad scientist" but I just find him down right funny! I really like that colorful clown too, but the boys have no particular favorites. They love them all!


Shaz said...

My girls have lots too - but since we moved to WA they are harder to find than in Adelaide. I do find that they don't stand up to lots of loving and don't even think about washing them :)

Kendra said...

We haven't had to wash one yet, all though the vampire has sauce on his face from an inadvertent face plant while someone was eating a snag. Did you just put it in the washer or in a pillowcase first? I always put stuffed animals in a pillow case, but if the Bk's don't hold up I guess I'll need to wash the little fellow by hand!

Kylie said...

wow that's a pretty cool collection, we just started ours and have 4 I think! I like th Tooth Fairy idea, that's cute. :)