Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sea Glass

Living across from the beach has a lot of advantages. One of the biggest advantages we like to enjoy is a daily walk along the beach. Because it's not a busy area Buster likes it too because he gets to run around and act like a crazy pup. He likes it even more when his friends Lucy, Big Max, & Little Max all show up for a good romp. Which usually leaves the rest of us exploring what the tide rolled in. We tend to find a great many things along the shore; shark heads, sting rays (alive and dead), puffer fish (usually dead), huge array of seaweed (sometimes in great chunks) and then there's the sea glass.

We all love finding pieces of sea glass along the shore and we seem to find the same typical colors on our stretch of sand. The boys are holding out hope that I'll find a piece of red or purple, which would be very amazing, but extremely rare. As you can see in the above picture we find a lot of the clear, but what you can't see is a large amount of the blueish hue as well. our tiniest piece (not visible) is more like a shard, where as the largest piece is (in the back) is quite thick. We've found a few pieces that honestly look the shape of Tasmania (see picture below) and our most treasured piece is the amazing blue sea marble.

Sea marbles are quite rare, but sometimes they wash ashore perfectly round. While walking on one of our daily walks along the beach a blue/green sea marble was laying amongst the rocks. It was the well coveted prize of the day and now there are many cries for finding more. The fact that they are rare hasn't deterred the looking and probably only increases the longing of a little boy I know.

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