Monday, January 18, 2010

Popcorn Day

Remember the Monthly Kit Christmas present? Well my niece celebrated Popcorn Day which is in January (19th, but I messed up and told my niece the 13th) and she made this terrific popcorn tree! If you'd like to celebrate popcorn day you might enjoy this website which has lots of recipes, games, coloring sheets, and more. I'd love to try the chocolate popcorn truffles my niece made, but I'm not suppose to be eating chocolate (migraines) so I'm thinking about the popcorn covered apples which look scrumptious! To make your own popcorn tree you'll need popcorn, paint, and a straw. The idea is to blow the paint around your paper with a straw until you get the desired shape and effect you want. Then glue on popcorn to finish the tree effect.

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