Sunday, January 31, 2010


Our guinea pig, Cookie (the black and white one) was all alone. Remember the friend we bought her? Yeah, well that friend turned out to be a her and not so welcomed in her cage. He also passed away rather unexpectedly a few months ago. Cookie is a very personal piggie and will even come running when her name is called, most likely because she thinks we'll give her a treat but it's still cute. We like to spoil her and the other day we decided to see if we could find her another, more suitable friend. We were in luck and found this cute little brown piggie in need of a home. She's very tiny compared to our all most 2 year old piggie who usually happens to look rather petit. It took us 2 days to find an appropriate name for our new pet. I had to knock down names like Gus, Toadette, Princess Leah, Mustard and even hotdog. So I suggested a few names and we settled on Nutmeg with the option to call her Meg for short if we choose. Both our piggies are quite happy now. In fact within a short time of being introduced to each other they were snuggled up to each other enjoying the sunshine and the few sparse blades of green grass that could be found. We're hoping our new piggie will soon learn to come running when she hears her name too, after all what's better then one piggie trotting out to greet you when you call their name? Two of course!


Michele said...

Oh how adorable! I love the name Nutmeg. Sweet!
I think my boys would love a guinea pig but I'm not sure about our cat Jupiter.

Anonymous said...

do you still own cookie?

Kendra said...

Yes we do :)