Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Planner


At the beginning of the year I decided to make a new planner for myself. There was no particular need for one, the old planner was working perfectly fine. It was one of those "new year new planner" type moments. You get them too, right? Anyway, this one is in color vs the old one which was black and white silhouettes. I also found a clear pouch which wasn't hole punched. That probably seems like no biggie, but I've honestly been looking for one for some time now. It fit through the ProClick so I can now keep my pen, post-it notes, memory stick (for shifting things from one computer to another), pencil, reusable tabs, and other odds and ends with my planner. I love that small feature because I'm always looking for these things. I decided to go with a garden sunflower theme this time. I love sunflowers! We even had sunflowers at our wedding, in our bouquets... I ended up adding a new page for myself too where I could jot down our weekly memory verse and a quick to-do list.

The pages have a bigger border when I print them out because I'm actually using an American program and Australian paper is longer and thinner then the typical 8x11 American paper, but I'm still happy with the results. I also added another paper where I can jot down notes on what goals we have for each of the boys to learn over the school year, as well as another page for math lesson notes. That's another plus for me, I'm constantly jotting down notes or coming up with ideas and losing them. Having a place for them is better!

This planner isn't up for grabs yet, but I couldn't resist sharing it all the same. I really love the color this time around, and the sunflowers, and ....


Shonda said...

I'm in planner/binder mode right now, too! I am working on a Family Fun binder right now which will lead me to a seasonal file folder project afterwhich I will start my planner! LOL
Great blog! I don't think I've ever left a comment but I've visited often!
~Shonda from Fiar

Kendra said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one.. I tend to "collect" planners. I have an entire disc full of ones I've purchased as "ebook" over the years. Then I made my own and I'm no longer tempted. lol

Tracey said...

Looks great Kendra!

Tommy's mommy said...

Found your blog and LOVE it. Would love to get your planner.