Sunday, January 3, 2010

Monthly Craft & More Kit..

In my attempt to give homemade gifts that were both functional and cool as well as stay in touch a bit more this year with my niece I decided to give something called a Monthly Kit. Now that name is totally made up, as is the idea, but I really like it and thankfully, so does the receiver. The idea is that each month we mail her a package with kits to use throughout the month. The kits are all based on various things happening in the month, like Valentine’s Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, Popcorn Day.

It took me a bit longer then expected to get it all squared away, mostly because we couldn’t decide which events to eliminate to pair it down to a more manageable sized package with manageable sized kits in it. After much debating and list making we came up with 4 main kits for January and a few smaller anytime type kits. To explain the idea of the present we sent her a letter to open on Christmas Day. I had truly hoped to have the first kit there for her too, but that didn’t quite happen. We started the month with Betsy Ross’s Birthday. We sent:

We also made a kit for Popcorn Day, which is January 13th. In this kit we included a much better letter explaining the holiday, a book to read about popcorn (not pictured), supplies for a variety of actives, and then explanations for each Activity in the kit. The activities would be:

  • Popcorn Buckets & movie tickets to have a popcorn movie night
  • Yarn for making popcorn jewelry
  • Popcorn Recipe (don’t popcorn truffles sound SCRUMPTIOUS!)
  • Popcorn Math (two estimation ideas)
  • Popcorn Game (words written on pieces of popcorn, each player draws a word on their turn and must tell part of the story using the word they’ve drawn from the popcorn bucket)
  • A Baggie for a science experiment involving sprouting popcorn kernels
  • A straw for a popcorn painting

We also opted to do something for Ben Franklin’s Birthday, how could we not? Okay, so Benjamin Franklin was a huge favorite of mine growing up and with his birthday being in January (17th, oddly enough he’s the youngest of 17 children too) we opted to make a kit for him too. In this kit we have a book about Ben, activity supplies, & another letter explaining everything. The activities for this are:

We also covered Australia Day, hands down the gang decided we had to cover that holiday. Should we have expected anything less from them? Again, we included a letter explaining the kit and a brief description of what and why Australia Day is celebrated. We did not, however, include a book. Here’s the activities for Australia Day:

  • Make your own didjeridoo
  • Make a kola & a roo from toilet papertubes and the images we sent
  • Recipes for Pavlova & Sausage rolls
  • An Australia Day picture to color & hang up
  • an I {love} Australia iron on for a t-shirt (the iron on is a replica of something we saw at the tourist shop.. they wanted $22.50 for the t-shirt, we came home and made it for free since we all ready had iron on paper at home..)

We also included some extras in the kit to tide her over between the big kits which can only be opened on the dates specified on each envelope front. Some of the extras we included are:

  • The Penderwicks audio book
  • Make your own bookmarks kit
  • Pencil toppers & a pencil to put them on
  • Figure Skater that once made can be made to look like she’s skating
  • Perpetual Calendar
  • The beginnings of a Monthly book (she’ll add one page per month to it about the current month)
  • Multiple Mitten Madness which is a multiplication match game

We’ve boxed it all up and hope it’s zooming through the skies to her and reaches her so she can open it up in time. We did include the toilet paper tubes for the Australia Day crafts, and we were suppose to include a tube for the didjeridoo, but unfortunately a helpful person within the home recycled my saved tube. Because I want to be sure she has everything on hand to do the crafts on the day specified I’ve sent a note with her package to let her know she’ll need to save up 2 paper towel tubes or 1 wrapping paper tube for that day. I’ve also let an adult know that she’ll need a blank t-shirt, a paper bag, and some paints. Honestly, I’m looking forward to assembling the February kit shortly so that it’ll be ready to pop in the mail later this month. My own kids might find a fun present like this under the tree for themselves next year!


Julie said...

What a fabulous gift! I bet it's one she remembers her whole life.

Diane said...

What a wonderful idea! It's the gift that keeps on giving. Are you saying that you are have 16 siblings?

Kendra said...

No, I don't have 16 siblings, that would be amazing though wouldn't it? 4 main kits meat 4 bigger/main kits and then the smaller "extra" kits all in the same package. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I love this idea. I would love to do something like this for my nieces and nephews!! You are an awesome auntie. :) Lori D