Saturday, January 30, 2010

Homemade Christmas Finale

On Australia Day we exchanged the last of our homemade goodies with relatives as a belated Christmas. The marshmallow guns were a big deal around here, and our boys can't wait to make them for themselves. They were a slight pain to make, but only in regards to getting supplies. Apparently it's really easy to buy 15mm t's, elbows, and end caps but finding the PVC pipe it fits on is another story. 3 stores later and we walked out with enough to make 5 of the fun things! The best part? The man refused to let us pay for it. I didn't want to give out marshmallows because I knew if I did my kids would want to eat them, and I also knew that the chances were pretty high that the marshmallows would get lost and I didn't want to be responsible for mice and ants running around eating sticky ooey gooey treats. So we gave out pom-poms instead. Because we gave away two of these we color coded the "amo" so that if they were used at the same time/place it would be easy to know who's was who's. I made the silly tags on my scrapbooking program and the plastic bag was simply left over for some other craft supply. I decided that rather then throw it out I'd recycle it.

Remember how I said I was going to make a quilt kit? Well, we decided the recipient might prefer something a tad more "grown-up". I considered ways to modify the quilt kit, but in the end changed directions completely and made a Build Your Own Bird Kit instead. I actually took the freebie pattern that Skip To My Lou had up for grabs. Her use for it was different, but I really liked the pattern. I used the pattern to cut out 4 total birds, each in a different color. I also cut out the wing, tail feather bits, heart, and beaks. We put it all together in a kit with a bit of ribbon and the instructions as well as the cute little hand sewing stitch book that Sew Mama Sew & Crafty Crow had up for grabs. I made the silly top tag myself and reused yet another empty bag. Ever notice how we try to make handmade look store bought and store bought look handmade? Unfortunately we missed pictures of the other goodies once they were finished, but all were well received which makes us super happy!

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Bronwyn said...

Pom poms instead of marshmallows is brilliant! Thank you for sharing that!