Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

We had so much fun on New Year's Eve! The boys especially loved opening up all the little bags we stashed in the basket, and could be found a few times lingering near the basket as they counted down the last few minutes to the next hour so they could find out what new fun awaited them. I had my fears about the timing of things, is that control freak issues?, but it all worked out wonderfully well and if we'd tried to time it better we couldn't have! When we asked what the best part of New Years Eve was Morgan quickly said, "opening all the bags!" I'm pretty sure that's a new tradition we'll be carrying on over the years to come. Funny thing is, when we sat down at 8 to watch a movie we quickly put the clock forward so that we actually celebrated the "new year" at 10pm. Poor Jayden nearly fell asleep during the movie!

2:00 The boys had fun making their hats and glasses. Don't ask me why Jayden looks so glum, he was laughing seconds after that photo was taken. To be honest, I think he was concerned the neighbors would see him with his funny stuff on. He's very shy about people seeing him when he's dressed up or doing things.

3:00 We enjoyed a fun game of Mario party together too. Ignore the mess on the floor, we were looking for a missing remote control and didn't pick up before we started playing. Don'tcha just love those funky pink walls? Trust me, there even worse in person!

4:00 The boys made brownies. They didn't need too much help as I'd placed it as a "mix in a jar" in the bag for them. We used coconut sugar in our brownies in place of regular white sugar. We haven't perfected our recipe yet, we're still working on it. Check out the look on Jayden's face! While they baked we read some new comic books which the boys then poured over on and off through the rest of the evening..

5:00 Pizza Buffett.. We laid out the ingredients and everyone built their own pizza. We're still trying to figure out why Nana's looks like a football. Mr Scarecrow loved the fact that it even had laces down the middle!

6:00 Yahtzee Free For All! This game is so much fun, and we had a blast playing it. The boys love regular yahtzee so this wasn't hard for them to catch onto. We can't wait to play it again either.

7:00 We started our new book for the year. It's a short chapter book entitled The Belgium Book Mystery. We picked this up at a used book store not too horribly long ago. It happens to be about 2 little girls who are homeschooled (totally cool to us) who are 8 and a quarter and 7 (how coincidental..) and they get to travel the world with their parents due to their father's job. They also have the bad habit of bickering quite a lot (mmm..) So far we're really enjoying it!

8:00 We settled in for Mr. Magoo, and secretly switched the main clock forward. The other clock was turned around, and thankfully they didn't think to look in the other rooms of the house. We got a later then planned start with it, and finished with 15 minutes until "midnight".

"12:00" We headed outside with 10 minutes to spare and handed out sparklers and waited it out until the stroke of 12. We all shouted Happy New Year, much to the confusion and semi delight of the neighbors, and then lit our sparklers and had much fun making all sorts of designs with them. The boys donned their hats for the event. Then it was inside where we toasted the New Year with apple juice before ushering them straight up to bed. They were out cold in minutes.

Sweet Memories, and promises that when their eyes weren't so tired at midnight we'd go watch the fireworks the council sets off. They are pretty sure that next year their eyes won't be as tired..

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