Saturday, January 9, 2010

FFWW: Ocean

We really enjoyed our moon jelly study from last week, and this week we're continuing on with our ocean study. Last week, while we enjoyed moon jellies we didn't focus in on oceans that much. That's okay, the idea was to get their creative juices flowing for wanting to learn more about the ocean. This week, we'll focus in on molluscs as well as oceans themselves. Morgan all ready knows the names of all the oceans and it'll be fun review for him, where as it's all new for Jayden. Plus, the age old argument reigns in this house.. is it the Southern Ocean (still cracks me up), the Great Southern Ocean (a tad pompous..), or the Antarctic Ocean (which may explain some of those icy cold spots when we're swimming!) The plan this week is to read a book or two at home and then go to the beach for exploration. We'll have to see if the tide agrees with us this week.
  • The Wonderland Of Nature book & Cd: we'll start reading the Sea Shore section which starts with an amazing section on shells, mollusks, & cuddle fish. Lots of amazing information in there that we'll dive right into. We'll also be using the mollusc and shells printable papers to go with it.
  • What Lives In A Shell: I love the Read & Find Out science books, and we were happy to see our library had this one in the series. I don't know that we'll use it, but I stumbled upon this pdf to go with the book
  • Free Mollusk Lapbook from Homeschool Share (HSS): We will use these components as part of our giant ocean lapbook (pictures to come) which will hopefully make a great resource for the kids when they are done too. I know Morgan especially loves to pull out a lapbook to "look something up!"
  • Free Ocean Lapbook Pieces: these pieces come from a lapbook based on a book about the Atlantic ocean, which appears to be a beautiful book, but, unfortunately, isn't available at our library. Instead, we'll be using a variety of the components for our own ocean lapbook.
  • Escape From The Carnivale a Neverland Adventure: We listened to this book last year and really enjoyed it. The main character, and her family, are a mollusk tribe, & her best friends are mermaids. While Peter Pan makes no appearance in this story plenty of other Peter Pan regulars do. I think the boys will find the book even more fun considering this weeks study.
  • Why The Whales Came: this is our ocean read aloud book. While I read the boys will have ocean pictures to color of the current animal we're studying. I picked up an amazing coloring book of ocean wildlife and I just put a picture for each of them in the box. They like to color while we read books.

We're still waiting on our ocean science experiment book to come, and if it does we'll have a few fun experiments to try our hands at as well. We're really hoping it arrives this week!

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