Sunday, January 17, 2010

FFWW: Ocean Week 2

We're still continuing along with our Ocean Study here at the Pumpkin Patch. Last week, while not covering everything planned, we learned about quite a bit. Morgan was highly impressed to learn what sand really is, and is oddly determined to dig as far as he can to see what might perhaps lay on the other side of it. Jayden was equally amazed to hear that rocks have salt in them, and he thinks perhaps if they weren't so greedy with the salt that maybe the ocean would taste better. That was the results after he stopped fussing over people putting salt in the ocean. (Misinterpretation of a salt harvesting picture!) We also had great fun learning about the 5 categories of shells and then seeing how many we could locate on the beach (4 out of 4 isn't bad!) So we're quite eager to enter into another fun week of ocean school!

  • Continue reading The Wonderland of Nature: the seashore section in this book is absolutely loaded with information. We've only read the info on shells thus far, and it was broken down into really manageable bites for the boys.
  • Beach Collage: which will give them something to do with the shells we collected. We'll use them for our collage after we finish graphing them.
  • Awesome Ocean Science: water cycle experiment, Ride a River into the Ocean experiment, salt water experiment, deep water currents experiment, plankton experiment, and possibly more. We're really LOVING this book (a post coming soon)
  • Artistic Pursuits: this has been on the menu for a while and things keep bumping it off. It's a top priority this week! We may also pull out another fun art project, we shall see..

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