Wednesday, January 6, 2010

FFWW: Night Of The Moonjellies

Our Fun Filled Weekly Workboxes took a break during December as we had a great deal of things happening around our little patch, but they've been brought back out and dusted off for the start of another great school year. While I know I'm quite late posting them this week, I figure it's not a big deal since we're the only ones who play along anyway!

January, around here, means back to school time. It's often when we kick off the start of out new school term. We don't do anything majorly fantastic to mark this time frame, and there are rumours around the Pumpkin Patch each year that the next year we'll delay starting back until February. This year we wanted to spend a lot of time exploring the ocean, the same ocean we live right across the street from. Which means that most of our school this month will happen right down on the beach, the boys are pretty excited about that! However, to kick off our entire ocean themed month/exploration/fun I decided to pull out the book Night Of The Moonjellies by Mark Shasha. We decided it would be a wonderful way to kick off our ocean fun, and so far this week the boys have loved every little minute of it. We're also right back at it with the rest of our studies too and after a slightly rusty Monday we seem to be right back into our groove.

  • Night of the Moon jellies Lapbook -- I've actually combined the free NOTMJ lapbook from Hss, The free Jelly Fish Lapbook from Hss, and the NOTMJ Fold-N-Learn from Five in A Row. This has given us one large lapbook (pictures to come at the end of the week..)
  • Grapevine New Testament Bible Study -- we're still enjoying this one, as we didn't get too far into it before we took a break last year and focused on all things Christmas. In fact our Jesse Tree is still up, and I'm not in a hurry to take it down either.. It'll be interesting to see how many connections the boys make anyway..
  • Joey-Joey -- this is till one of our all time favorite math games and is used daily around here. The boys are a pinch rusty with a few of the higher facts, but they've remembered a good deal of their "short cuts" for quickly finding answers. It's time to fill this guy up with some new numbers. We'll be having a give-away for a few of these in the near future! We'll also be playing some new math games as well, stay tuned for more posts about them.
  • Abacus -- at the end of last year I was working on investing in a couple of these. I managed to find a couple small ones used and the boys love using these with their daily math practices. I'd like to get a larger one, but the small ones work quite well for independent use. The boys go spazzy when they see them in their boxes. Seriously!
  • Teddy Roosevelt -- we've decided to spend a bit of time each afternoon focusing on something one of the boys (or both) are really interested in. Morgan it's exactly sure what he'd like to learn about, aside from what we're all ready learning so we're going with the big T.R. as he's often called around here. We'll be reading Times For Kids based on Teddy, listening to Teddy Roosevelt Young Rough Rider and then jotting down key points that strike the boys as interesting. Those will be written on their notebooking page and tucked away for later. I think we might invest in Bully For You Teddy Roosevelt because a certain little boy around here is very hooked on this particular president. This will be an ongoing box and has no particular time when it must be finished by..
  • On Friday we'll open our own "Seaside Diner" and the boys will take "orders" and serve good. Should be good fun, and I now they'll enjoy themselves. You can print order tickets off of Mark Shasha's website which the boys will find doubly fun. Not to mention it'll make a nice math lesson too..
  • Cool & Warm Collage -- we may dabble with this one a bit, but we have a couple of art projects lined up this week so we'll see what happens. I think the boys would really enjoy it, so we'll probably end up doing it as well!
  • Jell-o/Jelly moon jellies. The idea is more of a whim and we'll see if it works out or not! If it does we'll share more info about it!
  • Swiss Family Robinson -- We had a slight mishap with this book, as in we thought we owned it and passed up a used copy only to discover we didn't own it. So we've picked it up through our audio book club and will listen to a half hour or so in the afternoons while we work on a craft or other quite project/task. We might also just go lay in the tent to listen to it, because nothing says fun like laying in a tent listening to a book! This will be an ongoing box and has no particular time when it must be finished by..


Diane said...

Everything you have planned sounds like alot of fun. We started our Ocean Study on Monday. Using Hands of a Child Lapbook about oceans and the Bill Nye Science Guy book from the library.

Kendra said...

Ooo, Diane! Bill Nye! Our library doesn't have his stuff, but my kids love watching his videos. Might have to see what I can find online! ;)

Edwena said...

Just wanted to encourage you, that I always love reading your workbox posts and wish more people would link up. I really enjoy reading about what others are putting in their boxes.

Kendra said...

Aww, thanks Edwena.. :) I'm also tossing in Finding Nemo this week(end) for them as our library is holding a copy for us. As I recall it has a big jellyfish scene halfway through it..