Monday, January 25, 2010

FFWW: Australia Day

Tuesday, January 26, is Australia Day! So this week, we will be celebrating Australia Day with family and enjoying a shorter and more simple school week. We haven't delved too deeply into Australian history yet, and so the question arose this week of, "Who first found Australia." Needless to say we'll be reading about Captain Cook this year while we make our Aussie shaped burgers! We'll also be continuing forward with our ocean studies as we bring them to a close this week (or so we hope) because next month we start our Westward Ho! journey.

  • Finish up reading and experiments in Awesome Ocean Science; interestingly enough each question the boys have had about the ocean has been explained via this book and an experiment!
  • The Seaweed Book: this one arrived late last week and we haven't had the chance to explore with it yet, so we're looking forward to that this week.
  • Starfish Exploration: We'll simply read a small bit about starfish and jot down pertinent facts for our lapbook. The boys have asked if we could learn about starfish, so we'll use a few books from the library to do so.
  • Finish reading about the Seashore in The Wonderland Of Nature. We've had a lot of fun with this book so far and everything is so wonderfully written!
  • Add the James Cook pocket to our Explorers History Pocket Book; this will also give the boys more information and fun as they learn about James Cook.
  • We'll also be listening to: Chris & Amy Meet Captain Cook for our audio book (it's only 28 minutes, so we'll probably listen to it in one sitting..)
  • Our Read Aloud for the week will be Ned's Kang-u-roo which is a fictional account of a young boy who sails with Captain Cook. We're hoping it will be as good as I Sailed With Columbus, which we enjoyed immensely around Columbus Day..
We may or may not wrap up our ocean studies this week, and if we don't we may chose to carry on with them through February or we may chose to lay them aside until next January. We'll have to see where we are by the end of the week.

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