Monday, January 4, 2010

The Costumes..

Jayden had an unusual request this Christmas, and in fact it's been an ongoing request since we read By The Great Horn Spoon. He wanted a Gentleman's Suit. He also wanted glasses to go with them because, while he liked Praiseworthy he loves Teddy Roosevelt. So our quest was to find him a suit (or piece that would match for one) in order to give him what he wanted. Only, when I mentioned what I was after an amazing friend offered to send us one her family no longer needed as well as a pair of glasses. There was much excitement when the package arrived, as well as a few tears when the boys were evicted from the room so the package could be opened in secret. There was whispering and plotting and much dashing around to wrap it up neatly, make a bow tie and find a top hat to go with it. When all was done there was a giant blue box under the Christmas tree that was as eager to be opened as the receiver was to open it. There was much glee when he discovered what was inside of it, and the costume was put on and taken off so many times on Christmas Day there was no doubt that we had one happy little boy in our house.

Yes, there's stuff smeared across his face, and yes he's flushed. It was quite warm here on Christmas day, but he's also very in love with it. He woke us up the following day to ask for help tying up that bow tie! Funny thing is, his brother tried the costume on to be silly and Jayden gasped and in total awe said, "You look so cool in that!" It was so cute. We had to assure Jayden that he looked equally cool in it too.

Remember the Harry Potter Cape I wanted to make? Well I dragged my feet about it because I wasn't convinced of my ability to come up with my own pattern. In the end I combined 3 different patterns, ideas, & notes and dragged Mr Scarecrow to the deck to help me. We drew our own pattern upon the whiteboard and then transferred that to newspaper. After that it was easy sailing sewing it up. All though, I must confess, that at one point I needed him to try it on and I told him it was for a cousin who needed it for school. Shameful, yes. Gullible? Yes! He's equally pleased with his costume too. When we venture back to the craft store I'm planning to pick up some brown material so I can make them Jedi robes with the same pattern!

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