Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cool Freebies & Fun Links

While searching for some things this week I stumbled upon quite a few fun free printables. I thought I'd share them here because surely I can't be the only one who would enjoy them!

Happy Tickets -- they were designed by a mom for discipline issues, but I think they could come in handy for a lot of other things too!

Book Plates -- whimsical and cute enough even for kids. All you need is your xyron sticker maker or a stick of glue! She's also offering up some free Christmas labels which are quite cute. Don't you love the name of her blog?

StarWars Tags -- these fun little things can even be personalized. While we don't need them for school stuff, I'm pretty sure my boys can find uses for anything starwars!

LollyChops -- this blog is so full of great stuff I got lost on there for a while last week. Beware, I did warn you. She offers lots of freebies, recipes, tutorials and more. Really love her blog!

Treat Coupons -- these aren't just cute, but would be a lot of fun on a dreary day.

2010 Calendar -- the artwork is beautiful on this one. I also love the simplicity of it. We printed one of these out all ready!

Free Stationary -- some of it's free and some of it isn't. Lots of fun stuff too!

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