Monday, January 11, 2010

Book Challenge

Last year Michele mentioned a few book challenges put out by J. Kaye's Book Blog, I was sorely tempted to join up, but didn't for a variety of reasons. This year, when Michele mentioned it again I thought, 'why not?' Okay, so there's probably still a million reasons why not, but I thought it would make for a fun and interesting way to keep track of the books I read and listen to this year. Not to mention the ever growing pile of non-fiction books I need to read, but often find an excuse to put aside for something a tad more fictional.. Interestingly enough, at the ate Morgan's reading he could probably succeed at this challenge. It might be fun to keep track of his books too, but we'll have to see about that.. As for me, this is where I'll keep track of my books. Which will include, for now, books that we read aloud to the kids as well. If you're interested in more information about the challenge you can check it out here.

  1. Mr. Monk Goes To Hawaii (own, audio)
  2. Night Of The Moonjellies (own, school)
  3. Peter  & The Star Catchers (audio, with Morgan)
  4. Aunt Dimity is Snowbound (library)
  5.  The Tale Of Hill Top Farm (audio, own)
  6. The Tale Of Holly How (audio, own)
  7. Lewis &  Clark & Me (own, school)
  8.  Little House On The Prairie (own, school)
  9.  By The Great Horn Spoon (audio, own, with boys)
  10.  Book Of A Hundred Days (audio, own)
  11. The Waterhorse (audio, own)
  12.  Eragon (audio, own)
  13.  The Tale Of Cuckoo Brow (audio, own)
  14.  Chris &  Amy Meet Captain Cook (own, audio, with boys)
  15.  Mary Poppins (own, audio)
  16. Everyday Talk (own)
  17.  Just Call Me JP (library, with the boys)
  18. Peter And The ShadowThieves (own, audio) 
  19. Beezus & Ramona (own, with the boys, audio)
  20. The Doorbell Rang (library, with the boys, math)
  21.  Ten Red Apples (library, with the boys, math)
  22.  The Parable Of The Lily (own, with the boys, Easter)
  23.  Benjamin's Box (own, with the boys, Easter)
  24. Scripture Adventure An Easter Adventure (own, with boys, Easter, School)
  25. The City of Ember (own, audio)
  26.  Tale of Hawthorne House (own, audio)
  27.  Warm As Wool (own, with boys, School)
  28. The Merchant Of Death: Pendragon Book 1 (own, audio)
  29. The Liver Cleansing Diet (own)
  30. The Evolution Of Calpurnia Tate (own, audio)
  31. The Help (own, audio book)
  32.  Wooly Jumper: The Story Of Wool (library, school, with boys)
  33.  Three Names (own, school, with boys)
  34. Anzac Cottage (library, with boys)
  35. My Granddad Marches On Anzac Day (library, with boys)
  36.  One Hundred & One Dalmatians (library, with boys)
  37. Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone (audio, own)
  38.  The Tale Of Briar Bank (own, audio)
  39. Why Don't You get a Horse Sam Adams? (own, school, with boys)
  40. Can't You Make Them Behave, King George? (own, with boys, school)
  41. The Declaration Of Independence (own, with boys, school)
  42. The Story Of The Star Spangled Banner (own, with boys, school)
  43. The Veggie Tales Bible StoryBook (own, with boys)
  44.  Shh! We're Writing The Consitution (own, with boys, school)
  45.  Then What Happened Paul Revere (own, with boys, school)
  46. Will You Sign Here John Hancock (own, with boys, school)
  47. Where was Patrick Henry On The 29th Of May (own, with boys, school)
  48. The Story Of The Liberty Bell (own, with boys, school)
  49.  Picture Book Of Revolutionary War Heroes (own, with boys, school)
  50. Adventures in Colonial America: Boston Tea Party (own, with boys, school)
  51. Frog On A Log (own)
  52. Ted In A Red Bed (own)
  53.  Fox On A Box (own)
  54. Fat Cat On A Mat (own)
  55. Mouse Moves House (own)
  56. Hen's Pens (own)
  57. Ted's Shed (own)
  58. Shark In The Park (own)
  59.  Sam Sheep Can't Sleep (own)
  60. Toad Makes A Road (own)
  61. Anne Of Green Gables (own, audio)
  62.  Percy Jackson & The Lighting Thief (own, audio)
  63. Amber On The Mountain, (own, school, with boys)
  64. The Rag Coat (own, school, with boys)
  65. Heidi (own, with boys, school)
  66.  The World According to Humphrey (with boys, audio, own)
  67. The Cinderella Deal (own, audio)*
  68. Mr Monk & The Two Assistants (own, audio)*
  69. Fed Up (library)*
  70. Make Way For Ducklings (own, with boys, school)
  71. Cook The Books (library)*
  72. The Ruins Of Gorlan (library, audio)
  73.  In Search Of Eden (own, audio)
  74. The Burning Bridge (audio, library)
  75. Spy Dog (own, with boys)
  76. The Enchanted Woods (library, with boys)
  77. Friendship According to Humphrey (own, with boys, audio)
  78. Trouble According to Humphrey (own, with boys, audio)
  79.  The Anybodies (library)
  80. Ghost At Work (own, audio)
  81. Mr Monk & The Blue Flu (own, audio)
  82.  Archer's Quest (with boys, own, audio)
  83.  Truman's Aunt Farm (with boys, own, school)
  84.  The Bee Tree (own, with boys, school)
  85. Icebound Land (audio, library)
  86. Merry, Merry Ghost (audio, own)
  87. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (library, with boys)
  88. Jotham's Journey (own, with boys)
  89. The Christmas Mystery (library, with boys)
  90.  A Christmas Carol (own, audio)
  91.  OakLeaf Bearers (library, audio)
  92.  The Very First Christmas (own, with boys)
  93. God's Precious Gift (own, with boys)
  94. The First Christmas (library with boys)
  95. Monster & Frog All-In-Together Cake (library, with boys)
  96. Aussie A to Z (library, with boys)
  97. The Adventure Bible (Luke Chpt. 1-2) (own, with boys)
  98. When Jesus Was Born (own, with boys)
  99. This is the Star (own, with boys)
  100. B is for Bethlehem (own, with boys)

Notes: Red means finished; Green means in progress; Black/Blue is a hopeful intention. All books are linked to a source, so if you click on them you can see more about them. Read why we link to Book Depository here.

* indicates the book contains language or adult content/themes. I only feel it's fair to warn, because honesty I can't stand that in a book!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the 100+ Reading Challenge of 2010. I’m so excited to get this new year underway. I think there are going to be lots of great books published this year.

Have fun!

emily said...

You are doing so well. I am way, way behind and have only read 9 books.