Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Awesome Ocean Science

Excuse the slightly over exposed picture there, but this is our very awesome science book that we've been using with our ocean study. The book far exceeds the potential I was hoping for and we're just head over heals loving this book! The book is loaded with information on just about every possible subject in regards to the ocean, and most of them have several experiments to help convey the point. It arrived late last week, but we dug in right away despite it's tardy arrival. The boys were watching a Bill Nye video on weather. The topic of El Nino came up, in typical Bill Nye fashion. Which, in short, means they talked about it at completely odd and random moments. People were just shouting out, "El Nino!" Then they blamed the lack of anchovies on the pizzas for, deep funky drum roll, "El Nino!" The boys found it completely funny, but were also slightly confused. Enter, Awesome Ocean Science. There's a small section on El Nino and it explains how El Nino effects the Humboldt and thus makes all the anchovies disappear. We also learned why it's called El Nino which was fun and interesting. Then we tried an experiment which helped the boys visualize how El Nino works. Want to try it out?

You'll need two wide mouthed jars, a spoon, cold water, hot water, blue food coloring, yellow food coloring, and a piece of card stock or index card, page 35 wouldn't hurt either!

Have a handy helper put cold water in one jar with a few drops of blue food coloring, this is now Humboldt.

Have another handy helper pour hot water in another jar and put in a few drops of yellow food coloring, this is now El Nino; make sure both jars are well mixed. Yes, our 2nd helper wears a bow-tie, he wanted to dress like Bill Nye in order to do his experiment..

Wet the rim of "El Nino" (yellow jar) and fit the paper on. You may need to press down. Our jars were a tad wider then needed and we had a slight issue with our paper, but we got it in the end..

Place El Nino on top of Humboldt (Hot on top of cold) and then carefully remove the paper (it helps if someone holds the bottom jar while someone else slips out the paper), watch as the blue and yellow meet but don't mix except ever so slightly in the middle. Wanna try it again and put the cold on top?

We did!

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