Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Pancakes

We start off the new year with our annual New Year's Pancakes. Sometimes I shape them with the batter, but this year I liked doing it this way. You make your pancake as normal and then use cookie cutters to press the year into them. When a person pours syrup or spreads whipped cream upon them the numbers become even more clear. They were a huge hit, and we have plenty in the freezer too. The gang made sure I didn't forget to make them this year. In fact, I was wise and mixed them up the night before and left the batter in the fridge. We like this recipe here. Stevia or Coconut sugar works well in place of the sugar. Coconut sugar can be used exactly as called for in the recipe; Stevia I use 3 "scoops" of. I also used whole wheat flour. Even with whole wheat flour they came out very light and fluffy.

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