Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun

So I know it's December and Christmas projects are underway here at the Pumpkin Patch, but we had such a delightful Thanksgiving Party we couldn't help but tell about it. The boys truly spent the entire month preparing for it! They made 4 different Thanksgiving lapbooks, and a variety of games, many crafts, and an entire set of table setting pieces. They were quite relieved to see the day finally arrive when they could spread it all out and share it with others.

The boys retold the story of Thanksgiving to some of our guests, and then they passed around a turkey they made which had all the pertinent facts about the Pilgrims on it. Don't ask me why the boys are making nutty faces in some of those pictures. Chances are their uncle was encouraging them with some funny story or a bit of extra fast slurping going on down there.

One of the projects we worked on the night before our party was apple cups. We took reasonable sized apples and cut the top off them (like you would if you were going to scoop out pumpkin guts) and then we scooped out the insides leaving a hallow shell with enough flesh to keep it's shape. Then we brushed the shell and the lid with lemon juice. Then we put a piece of plastic wrap between the lid and the shell and froze them overnight. We had quite the assembly line going on. The result was an apple cup. We found some cinnamon quills and passed those out for straws on the day of our party. They were a huge hit all around and we discovered that some of our cups had defrosted too much (we'd set them out too early) and they leaked. Which encouraged guests to drink their juice quickly. Which resulted in slurping. Which resulted in seeing who could slurp the loudest. This resulted in lots of giggles, especially when a certain someone's straw didn't make a single slurping sound!

Next our guests were challenged to Turkey Sticks. These were simple popsicle sticks with a turkey glued on them. The idea was to hold your arm at shoulder level and see if you could drop it in the bucket. Not as easy as it sounds. This aroused lots of laughs as people tried very hard to line things up only to find their sticks go fluttering the wrong way. That game "thing" laying by everyone's shoes was our Stick & Loop game which we also enjoyed playing with our guests (no pictures though..) The idea was to get the stick through the loop on the string, not as easy as it sounds as some of our guests discovered.

No, our guests didn't start fighting, they are trying to pry frogs of the ceiling! After playing Thanksgiving bingo we handed out sticky frogs, bouncy balls, and beaded necklaces (prizes for being good sports and playing our crazy games!) Everyone's frogs were on the ceiling in less then 30 seconds and it was taking so long for them to fall down that they were suddenly being pried off.

We decided to make masks instead of hats for our guests. Everyone picked one and spent quite some time cutting it out and attaching string. There was also some feather coloring going on for our Pin The Feather On The Turkey game. One had to color their feather and then write something they were thankful upon it in order to play.

The last game we played was a revised edition of stool ball. The pilgrims use to play a game called Stool Ball. A child would stand on a stool and with a stick try to keep balls from hitting him. The idea of throwing balls at him was to knock him off the stool. Whomever knocked him off was the next "Stoolie". Okay, so we had rainy weather and couldn't get outside so we used a beanbags, balloons, and a flyswatter for our version. There was much laughing, falling, balloon whacking, and plenty of fun. In fact, the boys have put in lots of requests to play this game lots more!

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