Monday, December 21, 2009

Stocking Stuffers..

Is this not the most adorable snowman ever? I love snowmen nearly as much as I love Nativities. It's true, it's weird, it's me. One of the creators of the artwork over at PcCrafter, Laurie Furnell, has a fun blog where she occasionally offers up some freebies. This snowman printable is one of them. The picture is also Laurie's, the ones I've made are squirrelled away for some empty stockings that are awaiting filling. I'll take photos before people dig in too deeply. The super cool thing about this printable is that it can easily be adjusted to fit any candybar. I've used the same printable for two very different sized bars and it worked just fine. The boys will have a great laugh at seeing these! I considered making the angel that she had up for grabs too, but decided to keep it simple with the snowman. This was another fun way to use up some of the Christmas material scraps I had laying around, and they were really quick to whip up too.

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Michele said...

Thanks Kendra!
I needed something inexpensive to make for a few people. This will be perfect. I love snowmen and have been collecting them for over 20 years.