Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Piano Bag

Remember those homemade gifts I mentioned? Well, we were without a car for 9 days and I had plenty of time to start working on them. The Piano Bag was one I've had stored away for a while to work on and couldn't wait to dig into it. I started out using the pattern from over here, but quickly became irritated with it. The sizing wasn't adding up at all and I was beginning to think I might need some lessons on using a measuring tape. For instance, she said she cut her piece of white material (for the keys) 4 inches by 14 inches, but you can clearly tell when you cut one out that size that it's not right. I made mine 6x 14. It got worse. She managed a combination with the black keys of 2, 3, 2, 3. You can see that mine are at the very edge of the back. So I suspect her's was longer as well and perhaps the instructions were an after thought? Not sure. However, the pictures and ideas were great because it got me going. I don't have step by step pictures of measurements, but I'll most certainly be making more of these. In fact, I've all ready got a request for at least one more. The bag turned out really cute and I'm pleased with the end result, but I think I'll be skipping those instructions and doing it my own way next time!

If you want to try them, go for it, but don't panic when things don't quite add up properly. Once I let go of that frustration it was a fun project to work on, and relatively quick too. The keys were a tad tedious, but a few people made the black keys using ribbon. Very clever! If you did that no need for ironing and tucking the seam allowance under and all that. I'm curious if the effect would be the same. I might have to try it out to find out!


A JoyFilled Life said...

Very cute! I can think of a few people who would enjoy a bag like that!

Michele said...

Oh that looks great!