Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not Forgotten..

We've not forgotten the blog, we're just busy.. Enjoying the warm summer weather; swimming at the beach; spending time with family; putting together Christmas lego sets; learning to knit; working on a few straggling Christmas presents we've not given out yet; planning picnics; preparing for New Years Eve (the boys first ever get to stay up a wee bit late); making new friends; tumbling rocks; searching for sea glass; contemplating new beginnings for a new year; planning for Australia Day; planning summer hikes; debating the cause and effects of eating chocolate brownies when one suffers from migraines; soaking up the sunshine; getting ready for a new school year; playing new games; laughing as we remember the funny, and not so funny, things we did this year; feeling richly blessed with each other. Stay tuned, once the final Christmas project is cleared off the table tomorrow we'll share our New Year's Eve fun. The boys are pretty excited, never mind that they aren't staying up until midnight, they don't care...

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